Teviot Beagles 

Having Fun!

Beagles love to have fun and interact with members of their family.  Only let them off lead outwith your own property in a secure area as their nature is to follow the scent of any rabbits or other animals that may have past through the area.
"The names of the Beagles in the photographs have been withheld to save them from any embarrassment".

Should you be considering having a Beagle as a pet and you would prefer one after the puppy/toilet training stage please contact me as I sometimes have an older Beagle looking for a good home.  All my Beagles are indoors with the family and are, therefore, well socialised.

"Don't shout" I have a hangover.
I'm the daughter of the one next door.
How did that get in my mouth?
Who fell into the Barrel?
The day the "rains came".
It's a hard life being a Beagle Puppy.
This linen cupboard sure needs a tidy out!!
Be "sun-smart" wear a hat.
It's my train - not yours.
Puppies at play.
.. we all fall down!!
Playing with the balls.
I should not be up here.
Group photo shoot
Christmas arvo nap.
Russell 12th Birthday


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Jane Godfrey
Castlemaine, VIC, Australia
Phone : (03)54 706 998
Email : [email protected]

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